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Конкурс для Мумбай


The proposal is for renovating shabby poor community of shacks in a coastal district of Mumbai, India. It is aimed to give a simple pattern answer for a single family which strives to find it is place in a rapidly changing environment of thriving city of a new age of India.


Every cell of the spatial composition proposed as isosceles 3D triangle, which is

  • The basic unit for housing a single family apartment or an elevator lobby with stairs, or a parking lot, or a small social space for residents or a roof top garden.
  • the perfectly rigid structure that allows to stack units in vertical and horizontal directions, that comprises ready-to-install elements, repetitive components, made with the aid of standard prefabricated form-work
  • perfectly flexible in respect of versatile and picturesque composition that serves to meet all possible configuration demands and future development.

Citizens are enabled to maintain the principle and erect the units themselves with homage to the standardized requirements of the concept.


Each dwelling unit is projected with modern facilities, fire safety measures, HVAC unit, can be combined with the adjacent one, can be stacked or sprouted, multiplied, germinated in the canon of living structure. This living structure can fill the site and stride in to the neighborhood. Residents may claim to add the triangular units or build them on their own, but they will never defile the structure or turn it in to slums again.

The diversity of the semi-enclosed spaces and multi-faceted towers is infinite. Every community may create its own plan and elevation according to their own need and vision.


The proposed exterior design contents just one module which is mirrored around 60- degree axis and opens numerous unrepetitive options.

The main boulevard is the artery of social life and communication, linked to the Bandra-Worli Sea Bridge, spins round the old fort, has two roundabouts and leads to the Worli Kaliwada.


The master plan also offers two expanded jetties with harbors which serve as a pleasant resort for locals, a terminal for fishing business of the village community. The site with such a potential may become a successful model for converting poverty into sustainable and creative living.


656 units, 50 sq. m each,

22 000 sq. m of gross living area,

suitable for living of 1200 – 1500 residents

maximum number of levels 12.

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